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Dyeing Machine  

Dyeing Machine

CL-0201 (Single Frame)
Power: 110V, 220V, 380V,
3ø Electric Current: 60A.
Size: 1600×900×2200m/m.
Adapted for plastic lens.
Manual Strengthening Machine(single frame)

Manual Strengthening Machine(single frame)

CL-0209 (Single Frame) adapted for plastic lens.
accessories: one cooler and onedehumidifier.
Power: 220V, 380V, 3ø
Electric Current: 50A.
Ultrasonic Wave: 28KHZ, 1200W×1.
Size of Automatic Strengthening Machine: 540 X 320 X 680 m/m.
Accessories: Adapted for plastic lens.
Inch Parts of Dyeing Machine  

Inch Parts of Dyeing Machine

1.Model: CL-0210-1
2.Dimension: 5,400×1,600×2,400 m/m
(1).inner chain is separated into 12 parts, four 1200W 40K adjustable  ultrasonic machine, four filter pump.
(2).four strengthening tanks with stainless steel holders, tank plate thickness 105m/m (304)
(3).inner stainless steel sealing plate 1.2 m/m, iron plate of outer sealing plate 1.2 m/m
(4).automatic glass door.
(5).a 10T frozen machine, a 1T dehumidifier.

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