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Aerostat XC Ionizing Air Blower Simco XC  

Aerostat XC Ionizing Air Blower Simco XC

*Patent for ion automatic balance line.

The installation of world-class Aerostat XC ;Static Eliminating Fans such as patented ion automatic balance line, three-stage speed-changing device, patented cleaning brush, as well as convenience for taking apart and assembling makes Aerostat XC perform outstandingly in most surroundings, concluding dust-free room and semi-conductor workstation. 0±5V ion balance and stable wind volume can quickly decrease the static and dusts on the surfaces of electrical parts.

Advantages :
1. Patented Cleaning Brush.
2. 0±5V ion balance.
3. Warm Wind Installation.
4. Easy to operate.
5. Signal Lights of Ion Output.
6. Low maintenance fees and a selection of advanced designs.
Digital Electrostatic Fieldmeter Simco FMX-002(pic01)

Digital Electrostatic Fieldmeter Simco FMX-002(pic02)

Digital Electrostatic Fieldmeter Simco FMX-002

Not only is FMX-002 portable, its illustration of large LED number and colorful bar chart can specify static detecting numbers. A machine can measure static voltage and ionic balance, do evaluation and prevention of static measurement in advance to ward off bothers caused by semi-conductors and electronic magnesium to ESD.

The multifunctional designs of microcomputer chip can detect ±20KV static and lock static detecting number to examine the ionic balance value of ionic fans. Its lightness and compactness that can insert into the pocket and make testing staff quickly finish detecting static value and balance value of ionic within a short time.

Advantages :
1. Lightweight and compact.
2. Multifunctional microcomputer chips with advanced designs.
3. Illustration of numbers and colorful bar chart.
4. Digital zero button.
5. Installed multifunctional alert sound.

Size :
Weight: 130g (battery included)
70g balance detecting kit.
Power: 9V battery.
Shell: ABS resin with electrical conductivity.
Aerostat AS-20 Extened Range Ionizing Air Blower  

Aerostat AS-20 Extened Range Ionizing Air Blower

Static eliminating fans with excellent performance. The fan can get rid of static outright generated by high-speed rotation within 3 meters. To rise the efficiency and quality effectively, please choose XP-20F anti blow-out and high pressure ion generator.

Purpose: eliminating the static and dirt produced by plastic molding machine and extruder when making plastic plate or films. removing dirt before chain separation and coating.
Aerostat PC Personalized Ionizing Air Blower Simco PC  

Aerostat PC Personalized Ionizing Air Blower Simco PC

SIMCO Aerostat PC anti-static fans is simple and light which can be installed on the platform or inserted into inner part of machines to neutralize static generated by friction and machine functioning. By years of experiment, SIMCO minimized the big static eliminator and put it into PC which was much more stable that the others.

1.patent ion automation±5V ion balance line.
2.stepless wind velocity adjustment.
3.patent pointed cleaning brush.
4.Low maintenance fees.
5.warm air.
6.ignal light of ion output.

Size :
Weight: 2.4kg
Power:120V/230V 50HZ/60HZ
Size:132mm W X 164mmH X 85mm D
Dimension:1" X 5"

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