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Chloride Solvent possesses the nature of good cleaning; however, due to the continuous ozone layer destruction, draining limitation by Japan labor safety law and suspicion of inducing cancers, so we examined the Chloride Solvent and developed its substitute-- Alkali Detergent.
NK SUNCLEAN AL-500, the newly developed powerful alkali detergent has good effects on cleaning the glass model resin. And, because of its liquid shaping, which doesn't have the dangerous dissolving process, so it is good for operation.


PC-AF Anti-Mist Coating

1.Description: The coating is primarily made of thermosetting silicon resin, eaturing scratch resistance.
2.Suitable Material: PC Products.
a.One-time coating and easy to apply.
b.After coating with the PC-AF Anti-Mist Coating and being exposed to air, the coated products won't generate white mist on its surface.
c.Coating packed in small volume of 5kg, 10kg and 15kg is available, which eases the pressure of material inventory.
d.Reasonable price to create added value and rise up products competitiveness.

Dyeing Auxiliary Instruction

Product description :the auxiliary can make the dyestuff attach to the lens surface, strengthen its solidity and not easy to fall off.
Application :products such as sunglasses lens, presbyopic lens and decoration or ornaments made of acrylic and PC.

Product specification

Item Unit Specification value Checking standard
Solid content % 26.5 ± 1.0 105°C heat-drying method
PH5% - 7.0 ± 1.0 PH tester
PH100% - 8.0 ± 1.0 PH tester
Appearance - Transparent russet liquid Visual observation

Benzyl Alcohol (W Dyeing Auxiliary)

Appearance : transparent liquid
Component : polynuclear alcohol
Boiling point : 205.3°C
Melting point : -15.3°C
Solubility: slightly soluble in water
Flashing point : °C (open-cup test)
Chemical stability : stable in normal condition
Category of hazardous material : none
UN No. none
Delivery name : none
Purpose : optical auxiliary
Packing : 216 kg per iron barrel


Appearance Redish brown clear liquid
Classification Anionic agent
Chemical Composition Mixture of sulfated polyoxyalkylene alkyl diamine and water
Boilling Point Approx.100°C
PH (100%) Approx. 9.0
Solubility Soluble in water
Flash Point None
Chemical Stability Stable under normal conditions
Uses Dispersing agent for industry
Packed in Plastic drum 200kg

SUNLEX 105R (neutral degreasing agent)

Features and purposes :
products such as sunglasses lens, presbyopic lens and decoration or ornaments made of glass lens, acrylic, PC and CR-39.

How to use :
SUNLEX 105R 1~3 % soln.
Cleaning temperature: 20~60%→ ultrasonic processing: 1~2 minutes→washing→drying.


Specification value Checking standard
Solid content % 22 ± 1 105°C heat-drying method
PH5% - 9.0 ± 1.0 PH tester
PH100% - 9.0 ± 1.0 PH tester
Appearance - Transparent yellowish liquid Visual observation


Features and purposes :
SUNCLEAN V-9 can fully get rid of agglutination attaching to dyeing tank or piping.

How to use :
SUNCLEAN V-9:1%o.w.s.
NaOH (F):1%o.w.s.90~95°C x 20min.
Sodium hydrosulfite1%o.w.s.

appearance component ionic activity pH solubility shape after solubility
achromatic ~ transparent yellowish liquid amphoteric surfactant amphoteric about 7.5 ±1.0(100%) easily soluble in cold water transparent liquid

Macromolecule dyeing agent

The latest macromolecule catalysis for plastic lens that is applicable to CR-39, acrylic and PC lens.

Because of the high concentration, so the usage amount is one-tenth of that of the general dyeing agent. Besides, it only takes 3 to 5 minutes to finish dyeing. And, the strengthening lens takes longer time. The transparent dyeing agent can be colored evenly without discoloration. Its annual color difference within 1 % and quality stability make it the most excellent dyeing agent worldwide.

  How to use: to heat 950cc treating water to 88-93°C(running water has to be put aside for several hours to evaporate chlorine). Then, adding a pastille of dyeing agent and stirring. Finally, slowly soaking the lens into the liquid, keeping the temperature about 93 to 96°C and checking the state of dyeing. Approximately, it can dye 1000 lens pieces

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